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We are a well-established organization doing important work that makes a difference globally.  We are one of Nebraska’s true success stories and daily we help improve many aspects of our world from water & air quality to reducing the carbon footprint of major corporations.  If you enjoy software development, like variety in your job, and thrive in a fast-paced, high-energy environment, we’d love to talk with you! 


In this role you will design, develop, integrate, and support software as part of our idea-to-implementation process. You will be part of a technical team located in Lincoln, Nebraska working closely with business professionals to deliver efficient and innovative technical solutions to help us in our mission.  We offer an excellent working environment, salary commensurate with experience, an attractive benefits package, and the opportunity to enhance our environmental impact.  As part of a small team, your input is critical. We expect team members to continuously learn better ways of developing, delivering, and managing quality software and be prepared to share that knowledge with the team.



  • Work in a collaborative environment with business users, project stakeholders, analysts, developers and project managers to ensure all business and technical visions are met.
  • Design, develop, test, document and support production systems.
  • Create web applications/services, backend systems, and analytical support systems.
  • Work with third-party applications (e-commerce frameworks for example) and vendors.
  • Maintain an overall infrastructure of systems and applications designed to work together.
  • Work within an agile team to constantly deliver value to multiple stakeholders.
  • Use various forms of requirements including technical designs, user stories, acceptance criteria, flow diagrams, and API documentation to deliver working software.
  • Work within the framework of the organization's decision-making strategies providing high value solutions in a cost-efficient manner.



  • A passion for our mission, nature, environmental stewardship, and people
  • Positive attitude, strong work ethic, engaged team member and high degree of professionalism
  • Strong knowledge of Visual Studio, .NET framework, .NET Core and C#
  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Knowledge of version/source control systems such as git
  • Knowledge of deployment tools (such as Octopus Deploy) is a plus
  • Knowledge of Azure development, deployment, and monitoring is a plus
  • Ability to brainstorm with stakeholders on possible solutions and what is appropriate for the given constraints
  • Experience with common software engineering practices/patterns and testing techniques
  • Ability to handle multiple projects with multiple teams/stakeholders
  • Ability to work independently, in paired programming situations, and within a larger team including offsite employees
  • Strong knowledge of office productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Visio, etc.
  • A bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience is required
  • The ideal candidate will have 3-5 years of practical software development experience
  • Knowledge of systems involving customers, order/inventory/fulfillment, customer relation management, business intelligence, or finance is desired

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Posted 2 months ago

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