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We are a Lincoln based, small but established company in the finance sector looking to add a Mobile Software Developer to help develop and modify mobile apps based on project specifications and client submissions.  This role will work closely with other team members and departments to resolve questions of program intent, output requirements and input data use while maintaining or creating a variety of programs existing at different levels of complexity as well as functionality. Salary: $45k - $75k + good benefits (depending on experience).

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Bring a new market leading app to life from the ground up or modify existing apps as the product evolves
  • Code for native apps for both iOS and Android, using both API calls to the existing application and embedding business logic into the app
  • Perform unit and functioning testing to ensure the quality of your work
  • Create and execute automated testing
  • Raise questions and suggestions to the product manager about enhancements and potential gaps in requirements
  • Identify and integrate third-party controls as needed to quickly achieve desired functionality
  • Work with the support team to troubleshoot app errors – and then code fixes to solve those issues
  • Create proof of concept prototypes for new features
  • Participate in peer design reviews, code review, and testing to ensure quality releases
  • Be responsible for developing solid architecture for your features, justifying alternatives, and getting signoff from your peers
  • Identify and address ripple effects from your changes in other parts of the application
  • Perform code reviews
  • Code for security, performance and maintainability
  • Follow (and help shape) team coding standards, including using comments to pay it forward for teammates who will later maintain your code
  • Proactively raise relevant questions about requirements and approaches
  • Seek new ways to improve your methods and skill sets

Our ideal skills list (we have flexibility with some of these):

  • Associates Degree in Computer Science required OR Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Engineering Preferred  
  • 2 + years’ of full-time mobile software development experience required
  • Ideally have developed at least three mobile applications (not required though)
  • Strong expertise in development on the iOS and Android platforms
  • Experience with mobile-specific functionality, such as location, push notifications, camera interaction, and cross-app interaction
  • Designed and developed apps that use both APIs and business embedded logic to achieve the mobile app’s desired functionality
  • Developed apps where the user experience is as important as the business functionality (& you find it hard to think of the two in isolation from each other)
  • Learned firsthand how to optimize apps for performance
  • The interest in understanding the business behind the software instead of blindly “coding to requirements”
  • Exposure to Agile / SCRUM development
  • Experience with C#; .NET 4.0; ASP.NET; WPF; SQL; WCF; CSS4; HTML5; XML preferred

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Posted about 1 month ago

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