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18072 DevOps Engineer Intern (Open)


Position Type:

Full time






Position Details:

As part of the Enterprise Software Management (ESM) internship program candidates will develop new innovative solutions to automate CI/CD pipelines. The Enterprise Software Management team is responsible for the DevOps pipeline including source control, builds and deployments used by teams across CSG International.  The automation provided by the Enterprise Software Management team streamlines the process to continuously deliver software from a commit all the way to production.  You will work with a fun and exciting team and be part of a DevOps culture that is leading the way.

Key Areas of Responsibilities/Recruitments:

  • Implement automation tools and frameworks (CI/CD pipelines)
  • Work with Cloud-based Solutions such as Azure DevOps and AWS
  • Integrate CI/CD pipelines with Security Operations (SecOps) tools
  • Participate in full software development lifecycle following Agile and DevOps best practices
  • Collaborate with team members to improve the company’s engineering tools, systems, procedures, and data security
  • Deliver high quality products and services that delight our customers
  • Continuously learn and improve to drive innovation
  • Create, govern and enable common technology and practices
  • Coordinate and communicate regularly with project team leaders and members
  • Working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Related field

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Posted 17 days ago

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