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Mgr, Enterprise Continuity Management

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The Manager, Enterprise Continuity Management is responsible for assisting with the implementation and management of the firm’s corporate wide contingency planning/business continuity program.  The Manager, Enterprise Continuity Management will  work closely with the assigned Business Continuity Plan Owners and liaisons to  ensure that the business units’ continuity plans are coordinated and work toward a common goal of helping the firm recover from an actual disaster or business interruption.  This position will also work closely with Technology to ensure that the business units’ recovery plans are in sync with technology disaster recovery plans.  The Manager, Enterprise Continuity Manager will assist with the coordination of the firm’s business continuity testing program. 

To this end, this position will work with assigned Business Continuity Plan Owners and liaisons to ensure their business continuity tests comply with established frequency and scope guidelines, and that all test results are documented and action items are resolved within assigned completion dates.  The Manager, Enterprise Continuity Manager will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the firm’s business continuity management system and emergency notification system.  In the event of an actual business interruption or disaster, this position will provide support to management.


  • Coordinate, oversee, and guide the annual data collection process
  • Conduct data analysis and identify gaps in business continuity / recovery plans
  • Build relationships with Business Continuity Plan Owners and partner with them to manage data collection, analysis, and approval
  • Serve as a consultant for business continuity plans and processes
  • Manage expectations of Business Continuity Plan Owners and assure that they are working in a coordinated effort to meet the firm’s business continuity requirements
  • Conduct Business Impact Analyses
  • Work with system vendors and internal stakeholders to implement and maintain business continuity management system
  • Manage the day-to-day activities of the firm’s business continuity management and emergency notification systems
  • Manage the vendor partnership with our business continuity management system (BMS) and emergency notification system (ENS)
  • Evaluate system upgrades and design/modify the new system to best manage the firm’s business continuity needs
  • Manage the implementation of all system upgrades
  • Consult with the Business Continuity Plan Owners to assure that business continuity systems meets their needs
  • Train users of the business continuity and emergency notification systems on the functionality of the systems and provide ongoing consultation  
  •  Develop and facilitate business continuity testing methodologies
  • Support all business unit tests of their recovery plans in accordance with established corporate guidelines
  • Monitor test results and assist with action plans developed to resolve issues identified during the business unit tests
  • Ensure test strategies, plans, and results are managed and maintained through the firm’s test management system
  • Re-evaluate the firm’s business continuity plans based on the annual test results and provide guidance to update the recovery plans accordingly
  • Assist with the overall implementation, management, and maintenance of the firm’s Enterprise Continuity program
  • Assist business units on compliance to business continuity ICAP controls
  • Assist with the management and maintenance of scorecards and dashboards related to overall program management
  • Assist with the development and management of business continuity communications and awareness
  • Develop and manage training programs for the firm’s business continuity management system and emergency notification system
  • Train Business Continuity Plan Owners as needed on tools and processes


  • Prior experience working in a large business continuity environment
  • Experience with risk evaluation and control, business impact analysis, business continuity strategy development, and implementing business continuity plans
  • Ability to manage multiple priorities, ensure quality, professional work, and maintain high standards
  • Strong diagnosis and analytical skills
  • Ability to work with all levels within an organization
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Experience working with, and administering, business continuity management systems and emergency notification systems
  • Expert use of Microsoft Work, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Experience working within a financial services organization is a plus
  • Executes with a sense of urgency, a drive to make an impact, and a high level of self-confidence
  • Education Level Required: 4 Year College Degree
  • Education Level Preferred: 4 Year College Degree
  • Name of Major Required (or preferred- please indicate which it is): Business, Accounting, or a related discipline preferred
  • Years Related Experience: 3-5
  • Years Total Experience: 5-10
  • ABCP, CBCP or MBCP is plus
  • PMP a plus
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