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To help teams and athletes win, we need a Lead Data Analyst to support one of Hudl’s most innovative new products: Hudl Focus (https://www.hudl.com/products/focus). Our new connected camera is entirely autonomous and can film any sporting event, anywhere, at any time. In this role, you will be part of the foundation of the Decision Science team and will be essential to the opportunities as our unit scales to provide world-class insights that drive ROI through every element of the business.

You will work closely with Hudl Focus product, software, hardware, and engineering teams to support video pipelines, tactical algorithms, device management, and supply chain logistics. You will become the subject matter expert on Focus and will be accountable for driving better decision making by delivering accurate, reliable data and insights.

Our Team

Decision Science is a high impact, cross-functional team of Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Predictive Analysts, Data Scientists, and Consumer Insights Researchers at Hudl.  We combine qualitative and quantitative data to deliver actionable insights and scalable analyses to power strategy at the highest levels.  We partner with internal Hudl teams and business leaders by providing self-service analytics, custom insights, and foresights to help them drive their business forward.  

On any given day, we might be writing SQL queries to understand user behavior over time or running data through statistical models to help our teams forecast and set better goals.  Here are some projects that we're working on:

  • Building a predictive model to determine the likelihood that a customer will renew their subscription with Hudl
  • Designing and building database schemas to support point-and-click analytics and visualizations in Looker for our employees to use
  • Pushing data and insights about products and customers to frontline Hudl users in operational tools like Salesforce
  • Deliver insights to guide product development of features that will drive engagement and pull more users into the Hudl platform
  • Helping teams to commercialize on data by feeding it back into the product

You Are

  • Highly Driven. You are comfortable inserting yourself into the right conversations to drive impact. You are not an order taker. You seek out the best opportunities that provide the highest ROI. You are also comfortable operating with ambiguity.  You forge your own path into uncharted territory by identifying next steps, getting others onboard, and taking decisive action.
  • Analytical, analytical, analytical. Making decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete data is a red flag for you. You think data is more important than opinions. You love finding patterns in data.
  • Strategic. You connect the dots and believe that looking at the broader picture creates an environment that enables world-class analytics.
  • Not one for the status quo. “That’s the way we’ve always done it” isn’t in your vocabulary. You constantly look for ways to innovate and make things better. Good is never good enough.
  • Stakeholder First. You champion stakeholder needs and have an intuitive grasp of business problems. 
  • The type that gets stuff done. You’re restless without a project on your task list. You have a list of finished projects that you can look back on with pride.
  • An all star with SQL. You can write advanced SQL queries to manipulate data and power insightful reports
  • An accomplished data storyteller. You can communicate technical analysis to a non-technical audience. You have experience delivering powerful visual messages to the executive level and can call them to action using data. You effectively use data visualizations to enhance consumption of data and not distract from it.
  • A mentor. You are a leader on the team and always looking for opportunities to develop those around you.

You Will

  • Provide Thought Leadership. No one knows the analytics space better than you and you are thinking several steps ahead. Whether it be software, people, or processes, you know what is best in class and can anticipate what is yet-to-come.
  • Advocate for scalability. You will be an expert on the entire analytics tech stack that Decision Science uses.  You will prioritize projects that lead to efficiencies and scalable processes for your business partners.
  • Evangelize Massive Insights. You understand the key to driving results with data are the insights it provides. You will create data models, visual analytics, and self-service opportunities that provide and lead to insights that impact the highest levels of Hudl.
  • Write lots of SQL. From parsing complex strings to combining many disjointed data sets, you are an expert at writing SQL and your skill will be utilized to its fullest. 
  • Pioneer Data Quality and Availability.  You do not expect great data and inputs to drop in your lap.  You see it as your role to work with source data team to improve data collection and availability so that you have the data you need to deliver on what your business partners need.  You will lead data quality initiatives that extend beyond basic reporting. You will work directly with cross-functional stakeholders to identify areas of risk and be relentless in your pursuit improve source data .  You will use your experience to guide the team to adopt robust and well-architected validation practices. 
  • Unify Analytics.  You will look for opportunities where people are operating from disparate understandings on KPIs and bring them together to reconcile the differences and get everyone to a shared understanding.
  • Bring Teams Together. You can confidently handle conflict, you are a calming influence on teams, and you know how to work through disagreement to get to productive outcomes. You are a great communicator who has demonstrated experience bringing opposing parties to consensus and understanding on your mission to delivery high quality data products.

You Have

  • 8+ years of progressive experience in the analytics space in varying roles (i.e. Analyst, Project Manager, Data Scientist etc.), preferably leading organization-wide efforts to articulate and implement a vision for analytical greatness within large companies.
  • An expert understanding of analytics, from data generation, movement, presentation and all of the tools that enable data driven organizations to thrive.
  • Expertise in writing SQL. 
  • 5+ years software development experience and are proficient or can become proficient in various programming languages (Python, R, Java etc.).
  • Experience with supply chain optimization and/or expertise in managing data associated with supply chain logistics. 
  • Experience mentoring and coaching others. You can demonstrate situations of not only doing this at a high level, but are also an expert at training a new technical base of users.

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