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Interested in working at Hudl? Awesome. Here’s what you need to know.

We believe each moment in sports can change the plan, change the game and change lives. That’s why our mission is to build the world’s most powerful network of sports video and data to empower teams to make every moment count.

How? By hiring people around the world who want to help us support coaches, players, analysts, recruiters, teams, clubs and fans. Hudl customers use our products to capture video, analyze data, share highlights and a lot more. They stay ahead of the game with the latest technology and we help them achieve their goals.

Want to join us?

You might be asking yourself what exactly a workplace operations intern is - let’s break it down. Among other things, our Workplace Operations team runs our events and meetings, manages internal communication, handles travel and ships and tracks different items. As a Workplace Operations intern, you’ll be the go-to resource for shipping to our coaches and employees, pitch in with events and be our right hand in pulling off special projects.

We need an intern who’s hungry for work. No matter the size, scope or spotlight, this work saves our team time and money. We’re looking for someone who is willing to take on the busy work, but also able to own independent projects. ​Cross-listed as life-saver.

You Are

  • Skillful and deliberate. You take pride in the details and execution of your projects, understanding that everything you do impacts another Hudlie.
  • Team-oriented. You happily pitch in and help out where we need you. It might not be in an area you know much about, but you’re excited to jump in and learn.
  • Dependable. You take ownership in your work, hitting deadlines, meeting expectations and raising red flags when you see them.
  • A jack-of-all-trades. You can pull together spreadsheets, design t-shirts and work with coaches. You wear a lot of different hats and easily switch between your tasks.
  • Passionate about Hudl. You don’t hold back when you have ideas that could make us more efficient or effective, and you genuinely care about how your work impacts Hudlies and our customers.
  • A good communicator. You’re not only confident in your grammar skills and ability to write clear and concise communication, but you also know how to tailor your message to a diverse audience.

You Will

  • Manage your own projects. You’ll be expected to communicate and work with teams across Hudl to ensure they get what they need. Don’t worry, you won’t be ​totally ​independent, we’ll be here to help you out along the way.
  • Work on company-wide events. You’ll help us with logistics and running our internal retreats and events.
  • Make Hudl more efficient. You’ll be able to list ways you’ve made Hudl operate better by the end of your internship. You’ll take ownership of projects and add your unique touch to them.
  • Do the dirty work. You’ll have to ship things - a lot of things. While this doesn’t sound very glamorous, this is one of the most important responsibilities you’ll have on this team. You’ll directly impact our customers and employees by shipping efficiently and making improvements where needed.

We Will

  • Treat you like a full-time employee. You’re part of the team with real responsibilities and the opportunity to make a big impact at Hudl. We want to hear what you think and will often ask you to weigh in on team decisions.
  • Give you what you need. We’re happy to supply the environment and tools for success so you can focus on learning new skills.

Challenge you. Our internship program is designed to give you a challenging and rewarding experience.


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Posted 11 days ago

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