About Lincoln

Lincoln, NE
Capitol Building - Golden Hour

Lincoln. The Place to Be. 

Lincoln is in the middle of it all. A new cityscape communicates a thriving economy, expansion of new business, influx of talent and endless opportunity. Lincoln is sweeping top national rankings which are validating its success, yet its character and modesty still rings true. 

The atmosphere is inviting, and the community is keen to helping people reach their next goal. Those that live here recognize there’s a certain charm to the capital city that is found throughout the local arts scene, the booming restaurant industry and the relaxed pace of life. It has become a cultural hub that is curating greatness. This bustling city still has room for open spaces with more than 125 parks.   

As a BIG10 college city, learning is in our DNA. We are a city with a voracious appetite for knowledge and discovery. From preschool to graduate school, we have some of the greatest learning opportunities and resources in the nation. Get ready to be inspired to become a lifelong learner. 

There's no better time to be in Lincoln, Nebraska. It's where art, style and innovation come together to create one vibrant experience. With a sweet spot for balanced living, there is life after work with time and money to enjoy it. You really can have it all.

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