About Omaha

Omaha, NE
Omaha Skyline
Bill Magrath

This is Omaha. We Don’t Coast.

Not just a great place to live – a great place to be alive. That’s Omaha, a city where you can stand-up and stand-out. With a diverse business community and a bustling arts and culture scene, Omaha is potential unleashed.

It all stems from our roots. Over the last 165+ years, we’ve forged a path from nothing to notorious, from notorious to non-conformist. Always moving forward. Together. In times of challenge and triumph. No coasting allowed. That’s who we are – and who we’ve always been. Omaha. Umon'hon. “Those going against the wind or current.”

We are energized by a youthful, well-educated workforce; a low cost of living and competitive wages. It’s your choice: grow your career at a startup or Fortune 500 – or forge a path all your own. From world-class dining, arts and entertainment to our crackling nightlife and shopping scenes, we do it up big in this region of nearly 1 million individuals strong. Everyone who arrives here to work and play hard elevates us more. 

This is Omaha. This is home. Our rugged past brought us this far. Let’s invent our future together.

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