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1.1 Primary Brand Colors

The OPTiN brand features two primary colors – a blue and a red. The blue is recognizable as attached to the OPTiN logo, and a staple in our branding. The powerful red is used mainly for actionable elements on the site, or for drawing attention. 

BLUE - #03889d / rgb(3,136,157) orange blue

RED - #ff5e26 / rgb(255,94,38) 

1.2 Text Color 

A specific dark grey is used for the default text on the site. text - #282a2f / rgb(40,42,47) text

1.3 Helper Colors 

There's also a handful of helper colors included. They do not share the same brand significance, but are important still in that they keep consistency across the site. lightgrey - #efefef / rgb(239,239,239) medgrey - #c9cfd2 / rgb(201,207,210) darkgrey - #606163 / rgb(96,97,99) green - #1e862f / rgb(30,134,47) red - #aa0000 / rgb(170,0,0) lightgrey medgrey darkgrey green red