Bound by More Than a Short Drive on Interstate-80

The Omaha Lincoln Tech Super Region - dubbed the Silicon Prairie offers affordable living and cutting edge tech jobs.

By living, working and establishing your place in the Omaha-Lincoln super region, you gain instant connection to the energy and diversity of two dynamic communities – a combined 1.3 million people.

The OMA LNK Region

Like interlocking pieces of a puzzle, Omaha and Lincoln complement each other in terms of those key lifestyle amenities, doubling your sphere of world-class cultural offerings and outdoor activities, amplifying your access to a “best of” compilation of restaurants, retail and nightlife options.

Easy Living

Less than an hour apart, like-minded when it comes to balancing strong work ethics and easy living, both cities prioritize inclusion, innovation and the creative pulse that a youthful, well-educated workforce brings to the scene. Together, they form one welcoming, success-incubating region – small enough to feel familiar, big enough to push your bounds – where you are empowered, every day, to thrive in your career and design your most complete life.